Welcome to the world of Tir-Na!

Tir-Na is a world ravaged by a seemingly endless war between the remnants of humanity and the collective races of the Fomorian religion. Following a great cataclysm hundreds of years ago, much of the recorded history of the world was lost and humanity was left with a simple prophecy to guide their lives: rid the world of the Fomor threat and the Goddess, Morrighan will deliver mankind to the lost paradise of their ancestors, Errin. However, the Fomorians were left with a similar promise: eradicate the blight of humanity, and their God, Cichol would deliver paradise to them.

For many, the war is all they remember. It’s gone on so long that a time without war is merely the subject of legends and fairy tales. Not all non-humans have joined the Fomorian cause, but mankind is still vastly outnumbered and painfully underpowered. Bold warriors are always in high demand and constantly flock to the last bastion of humanity’s hope: the castle city of Rocheste. Here, the Royal Army accepts and trains new recruits while occasionally contracting mercenaries from the surrounding towns to assist in the war effort. Rocheste is also the seat of the Pontiff’s Court, the holy group responsible for locating and protecting the Oracles of the Goddess.

The story opens with our heroes having just joined the local mercenary band, the Crimson Blades, in the neighboring town of Colhen. Though small, Colhen is well protected by the mercenaries and a powerful guardian under the control of an Oracle that resides in the town.

Paradise Lost